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A Few Notes on the Recording of the First Episode of the New Series of Yes, Prime Minister

There is a pattern happening over at UKTV. Last year, they commissioned a new series of Red Dwarf – a show that the BBC had decided they didn’t want any more. This year, they commissioned a new series of Yes, Prime Minister for Gold, still written by Antony Jay and Jonathan Lynn – and does anyone remember the stories about the BBC rejecting a proposed series Yes Commissioner a few years ago, based around the EU?

This week, I attended the first of six recordings for the new series. (They’re happening through September, so there’s plenty of chance to grab a ticket.) Interested in a little run-down, in lazy bullet-point form?

I may have given away a bit too much in the above. Humphrey, set up an immediate leak enquiry.

■ Posted 23rd August 2012 @ 5am in Comedy, Television. 1 Comment.

1 Comment

Gary Rodger on 23 August 2012 @ 1pm

Excellent review, many thanks for posting. Looking forward to seeing the finished episodes, hopefully they’ll get an airing on Watch or Dave as well so we can see the full HD effect.

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