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# As every galaxy was formed in less time than it takes to sing this song…

Posted 24th January 2011

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A thought crossed my mind the other day. (This is quite rare, so savour it.) When talking about favourite telly theme tunes, people often mention ones from the 90s and earlier. Which is eminently understandable – apart from any perceptions about quality, television is less and less likely to give programmes time to have a decent theme tune these days.

Still, it’s not like they don’t exist. So, as a celebration of great theme tunes post-2000, I asked the Twitter hive mind for their opinions. Their thoughts follow; before I carry on with the next stage of my little plan, are any of your favourite 21st century theme tunes missing? Let me know below…

Update (26/01/11): Loads more of your suggestions added!
Update (31/01/11): More suggestions added!

With thanks to @bohaynowell, @chickenbrutus, @danofthewibble, @ellardent, @eviljobob, @ianiansymes, @jamesmobbs, @JemRoberts, @PugStoleMyName, @Redswipe, @rjek, @sebpatrick, @wavenode, and @WillJTudor,

And if anyone suggests Star Trek: Enterprise, I shall shoot you full on in the face.

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Ian Symes on 24 January 2011 @ 1pm

Grass! Completely forgot about it the other day.

Bunkum on 24 January 2011 @ 1pm

What about the Sopranos and Mad Men? They’re both great.

deputy on 24 January 2011 @ 2pm

Mad Men especially is ace. Also, Deadwood has a good theme.

Mark X on 24 January 2011 @ 8pm

Three cracking theme tunes not on that list…

Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=di_ORAn1xlE

Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gZWzX8Nt23U

Still Game (the good Cuban Brothers theme, not the rubbish library music on the DVDs): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eJjTzyTYzpg

Ridley on 24 January 2011 @ 10pm

Malcolm in the Middle

Ridley on 29 January 2011 @ 3am

The Colour of Magic

Ridley on 16 April 2011 @ 4pm

Friday Night Dinner. ;)

John Hoare on 1 May 2011 @ 3pm

Thanks. Still planning to do something with this over Summer, BTW…

Ridley on 14 August 2011 @ 8pm

Game of Thrones. :p

Ridley on 12 November 2011 @ 1am

Mogrels, Trollied, Spy, The Walking Dead, WWE NXT…

Ridley on 12 November 2011 @ 1am

Mongrels even. Ahem.