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A George & Mildred Christmas

Posted 25th December 2016

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George and Mildred in bed

Watching things on DVD has an odd habit of hiding patterns in TV shows, as well as showing them. For all that watching classic Doctor Who exposes the runaround nature of some of the middle episodes in a serial, if you’re watching the show out of order, the links between serials go awry. Even if you decide to watch a programme like, say, George & Mildred completely in order, the fact that the show had a Christmas episode each year between 1977 and 1979 is easy to go unnoticed.

Let’s take some notice, shall we?

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# Sing Sing Sing a Christmas Song…

Posted 27th December 2011

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Time for the third in our Ken R jingle sampler series; see part one and part two if you don’t know what the bloody hell I’m up to. I’m posting two samplers today – The Big One, and The Big Two, two hours of fantastic 60s and 70s PAMS jingles:

The Big One (99MB ZIP, password: kenr)
The Big Two (101MB ZIP, password: kenr)

And because it’s Christmas, I’m going to draw your attention to this wonderful six minute compilation of Christmas jingles on The Big Two – including the strangest version of ‘Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer’ you’ll ever hear…

Jingle compilation by Ken R. Deutsch. PAMS material © PAMS Productions, Inc. of Dallas.

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