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A Year in the Life of Blockbusters

The most popular thing I’ve published here on Dirty Feed this year has been this piece on the title sequence to Blockbusters, scanned from the 1989 Blockbusters annual. Never let it be said that I’ll pass up the opportunity to scan a few pages and profit from someone else’s hard work, rather than actually writing something informative myself.

With that in mind, then, here’s a couple more pieces from said annual. Firstly, here’s producer/director Jenny Dodd, on a year in the life of the show. (On the second page of that article is a wide shot featuring a brief look at the complicated projector setup used for the game board. Has anyone else got a close-up of this famed contraption?)

First page Second page

Third page Fourth page

And secondly here’s a piece by Ann Meo, who set the questions on the show for the first four years:

First page Second page

Third page Fourth page

Both pieces deserve reading in full, so I’ll let you do just that, rather than give the highlights. I will say one thing, though: I’d really love to see those two pilots of Blockbusters shot with adult contestants, before they decided to make it into a teen show. Wonder if they still exist anywhere?

And wouldn’t it be great if Challenge decided to show a whole season of unbroadcast game show pilots one day?

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