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Ludicrous Faces Masterclass: Chris Barrie

Posted 9th February 2013

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This may be the most pointless thing I have ever done. But also one of the most enjoyable. Ladies and gentlemen, I present the final image of each episode of The Brittas Empire, or: Chris Barrie teaching the world how to pull silly faces. Image-heavy page under the cut.

Some supremely pointless number-crunching, then. (Look, if a certain Seb Patrick can get away with it, I’m going to.) Obviously, most of those images feature Chris Barrie alone, but not all of them. Here’s how it breaks down:

The characters blessed with an image to themselves who aren’t Brittas, incidentally, are: a Best Man stuck at the bottom of a pool, Helen Brittas, an ostrich, Colin Weatherby, and Linda Perkin.

Yes, there was an ostrich buried in the middle of that.

An ostrich.

I’m off for a lie down.

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