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Weird Edits Part #8274232

Posted 10th November 2012

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Beware: this post is at the extreme end of television geekery. If you object to that, pop off to Digital Spy, now.

Back? Good. Here then, is something I guarantee you haven’t noticed before about Father Ted, brought to my attention by the not-literally eagle-eyed Danny Stephenson. The episode in question is Are You Right There, Father Ted? – take a look at the beginning of the bedroom scene between Ted and Dougal. (Ignore the ad break that’s been cut out there for the DVD release – that’s a whole separate issue…)

Notice the whole right side of the shot shifting, whilst the left stays static? (Take a look at the ‘Abide in me’ picture above the bed for the clearest example.) Clearly, the production took two takes – one of Ted on the left, and one of Dougal on the right – and pasted them together as a split screen!

For another example of this sort of thing (careful now), take a look at this example from the Red Dwarf episode The Inquisitor, as spotted by Will Tudor ages ago:

Have you noticed the difference? Can you see the refinement in the funnel… no, wait, sorry. Take a look at the final shot of Rimmer in that video, and the piece of equipment in the background to the right of Rimmer’s head – and watch it shift slowly. In the edit, they must have pasting a section of the picture from seconds before over something – presumably a boom mike, or, at least its shadow. AMAZING.

If you’ve spotted anything like this, why not let me know in the comments below? GO ON, IT’LL BE LOTS AND LOTS OF FUN.

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Will Tudor on 14 November 2013 @ 8pm

I found one or two others during series 1 of Game On when re-watching it last week. I’ll check again if you wish, but at least one of them doesn’t quite work out, as someone’s head partially disappears into the wipe!

John Hoare on 15 November 2013 @ 1am

That would be fantastic Will, thanks!