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“This is 5NG calling…”

I had a strange telephone call from my mother yesterday. She woke up that morning, bleary-eyed, to hear a rather strange voice over the radio – me, when I was nine…

Sure enough, BBC Radio Nottingham in its BBC at 90 celebrations had a lovely little report on Andy Whittaker’s breakfast show about the history of the station – and they used an extract from my latest podcast for an aircheck of wonderful local broadcaster Dennis McCarthy.

You can hear it 22 minutes into Andy’s show, or take a listen below; it’s a lovely little piece of radio.

Download “This is 5NG calling…” (8MB MP3, 3:59)

Thanks to reporter Kevin Stanley (and Paul Robey, who was credited in a repeat later in the day for the archive clips). I’m proud – in whatever small way – of being part of Radio Nottingham’s celebrations.

Got a tear in my eye. Must go.

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