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# Good Morning to you Britain… #

Posted 26th September 2012

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I’ve been meaning to post these for a while, and Grimmy’s first week doing the Radio 1 breakfast show has given me the perfect excuse – as a little glimpse of what Radio 1 has lost. Here’s a few jingle-related things from The Chris Moyles Show, which I first put together in 2010. These are some of my favourite UK-made jingles ever, and my favourite imaging from a UK radio station in the past 10 years.

“Chris, Dave, Dom, Tina, Aled, Matt Fincham, and this week’s allocated Unit Assistant…” An entire three-and-a-half-hour show, boiled down to just the jingles and other imaging – opening with the fantastic cheesy song, and ending with the closing “National Radio One!” Highlights here have to be the beautiful strings-only version of one of the beds, and the jingle for Aled’s Summer Surgery: “Chlamydia and itchy bits, they are not much fun: so why not tell the whole wide world, here on Radio 1?”

The Chris Moyles Show (22/07/10) – Imaging (45MB MP3, 23:26)

“Remember when you heard this song, many years ago…” One of the best things Moyles ever did was bring back The Golden Hour on Friday mornings – a beautifully put together hour of radio, featuring loads of old Radio 1 jingles. These weren’t just plastered over the show purely for cheap nostalgia value, but actually used properly – of particular note here is the beautiful transition into ‘Drinking in L.A.’ Just great-sounding radio, of a type which most DJs have forgotten… or just not allowed to do.

The Chris Moyles Show (02/07/10) – Golden Hour Jingles (13MB MP3, 6:49)

“But Moylesy’s back so thank the Lord it’s not that Dr. Fox…” A montage of all the different styles of out-of-news jingles from The Chris Moyles Show between 2004-2012, in order of broadcast. Oddly (in terms of the music tracks rather than the lyrics) I think the penultimate one is by far the worse – but the very last one, used between 2010-12, is quite possibly the best.

The Chris Moyles Show – Out Of News Jingle Montage (9.5MB MP3, 6:38)

Radio, there.

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JamesW on 28 September 2012 @ 10am

It never ceases to amaze me how people consider production music to be ‘soulless’, and yet this collection shows just how much of a personality can be imbued into it by clever writing (I presume these are Moyles/Vitty penned).

John Hoare on 28 September 2012 @ 12pm

I believe the lyrics are mainly Moyles, yes. I presume the music is Sandy Beech at Music 4, but they may have other writers, I don’t know.

And yeah, they gave so much personality and life and fun to the show. It surprises me how some people can’t see it too.

Phil on 29 September 2012 @ 2pm

I was an avid listener to Chris Moyles’ afternoon show 2000-2003 and then when I used to have a job driving vans 2008-2010 that morning cheesy song always cheered me up. I loved the Golden Hour and it was Chris who broke the news to me of Michael Jackson’s death.

Amazing jingles!