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Dirty Feed Podcast #3: Junior Jackpot

Posted 9th September 2012

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Dennis McCarthy

Forgive me, ladies and gentlemen, for the months long absence of this podcast. Join me now, as we travel back through the mists of time to BBC Radio Nottingham in the early 90s, and meet fantastic local broadcaster Dennis McCarthy. Oh yes, and me when I was 9.

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What a swotty little prick.

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JamesW on 10 September 2012 @ 8am

It’s a sorry thing that this sort of thing isn’t considered appropriate for local radio nowadays – a nice, friendly game with no attempt at manipulating all involved for cheap laughs.

Not wanting to spoil anything for listeners either, but the very last joke may be one of the funniest and most disturbing images ever put into my head. Thanks.

John Hoare on 12 September 2012 @ 2am

Thanks James – and yes, totally agree. Mind you, I like to think things like this are still being played on some BBC local radio somewhere in the country – anyone know?

I can’t claim credit for the final bit – blame a certain Seb Patrick for that one. I wrote the script for him to read out without the final joke, and just told him to put one in.

JamesW on 12 September 2012 @ 9am

In my experience (Driving from Radio York territory into Radio Sheffield territory) – there’s still the odd little phone in thing to fill up a few hours, but it’s been a long time since I heard anyone go to that kind of trouble, certainly not with young listeners anyway.

I worry that BBC Local Radio is losing its identity, and such innocence seems to be lost.

John Hoare on 13 September 2012 @ 5am

I worry that BBC Local Radio is losing its identity, and such innocence seems to be lost.

I’m right with you on that one. The news guys seem to have taken over. I have no problem with local news, but it’s put far too much in the foreground by BBC local radio these days.

John Hoare on 13 September 2012 @ 5am

Just as a point of order: I have just updated the podcast with my sections re-recorded, as I was unhappy with the original version. (Which is here, if anyone wants to write a long article comparing the two versions.) The new version is now linked to in the article, and no doubt iTunes will update at some point today.

No point in anyone re-downloading it if you already have it, but I didn’t want to just switch the versions silently.

Andrew Bowden on 23 September 2012 @ 2pm

I can’t be the only one to be desperate to know what Victor Lewis-Smith would do with the Generation Game.