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A Fascinating Post About I’m Alan Partridge Title Sequences

Posted 23rd July 2012

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Yesterday Dave decided to have an I’m Alan Partridge Series 2 marathon. Only I can spin two blog posts out of this fact. It’s the boring one today, and then the really boring one tomorrow.

So, here’s the title sequence – taken from the Series 2 DVD – from the episode I Know What Alan Did Last Summer:

…and here’s the version taken from the Dave broadcast on the 22nd July at 10:40pm:

The same clips, but without all the graphics added. Not even the title of the show! OK, so it’s not up to the standards of this, but still. (It does at least afford us a proper look at the set used for Alan’s pieces to camera which close each sequence.)

Checking the rest of the episode, barring deliberate edits for language (see tomorrow for more on that), the rest of the episode was identical to the DVD version. I’d be fascinated to know how the wrong version of the episode was even delivered to UKTV. Not that it should ever have got to air anyway…

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Steve on 25 July 2012 @ 5pm

Im quite fascinated with minor changes in title sequences. How I Met Your Mother has kept the same title sequence but changed the font in season 2, as well as editing out the last bit of the theme and the show since the second season has had a cold open like other US sitcoms. They’ve also shrank the titles after the first few episodes of season 1 so there are black bars all around the titles, and the second episode had a slightly different animation/transition compared to the titles the rest of the show has used. All completely boring to people except me and a few other people online.

With regards to this oddity, it looks like a pre broadcast version before they’ve added the special effects and graphics. Did it go out like this originally on the initial BBC airing?

John Hoare on 25 July 2012 @ 7pm

I am almost positive it didn’t got out like this on the original BBC airing – I think there’d be a mention somewhere. Which makes it completely bizarre how UKTV managed to get hold of this copy. Having said that, if anyone reading this can say for sure, please do!

Steve on 25 July 2012 @ 11pm

I’ve just realised posting all that info about the HIMYM titles makes me look a bit crazy. I’m really not! It’s part of a wider interest in television presentation and design. I probably shouldn’t know all that info off by heart though.

John Hoare on 26 July 2012 @ 2am

Relax. You’re safe here. I’m exactly the same.

Different versions of largely the same thing fascinate me, whether it’s title sequences or whatever.