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# Wonderful Town, Wonderful People…

As we return after a Christmas break to our Ken R. jingle sampler series, we have something slightly different than the last three. The previous samplers were all material from PAMS; this one takes us on a trip around other jingle production houses – material from Pepper Tanner, Heller, and Sande & Greene to name but three. A shame perhaps that there isn’t more context included, but this is still 55 minutes of awesomeness.

Not PAMS Sampler (85MB ZIP, password: kenr)

As for my favourites, it isn’t entire tracks this time, but just two jingles I want to single out. Firstly, Wonderful Town, Wonderful People from Richard Ullman and Associates – I thought this was a PAMS jingle for years, and I think it gives PAMS’s My Home Town a run for its money:

And secondly, from Heller – well, one of the most bizarre radio jingles I think I’ve ever heard…

Jingle compilation by Ken R. Deutsch.

■ Posted 15th January 2012 @ 7pm in Jingles, Radio. 1 Comment.

1 Comment

Len Groat on 15 January 2012 @ 8pm

The Heller jingle comes from the era of ‘Bewtiched’ on tv which may explain the lyrics/ style….

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