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Best Ad Placement Ever

Posted 12th January 2012

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From Channel 4 tonight, around 18:45 (via @bohaynowell):

Someone very clever is working in Aldi’s marketing department.

Question: exactly how much will this kind of thing piss off Kellogg’s? Their no doubt relatively expensive slot is completely undermined…

UPDATE (18/01/12): Well done How-Do, for doing what I failed to do and getting proper quotes from McCann (Aldi’s advertising agency), and Kellogg’s. Apparently all a big coincidence. Ah well.

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Ben Kirkham on 4 November 2012 @ 8pm

Whether it’s a coincidence or not, Aldi’s adverts are clearly having a positive effect on their sales. I think it’s really smart to use the leading brand directly on the advert, rather than use the usual ‘compared to the leading brand’ schtick.