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# One of the nicer things…

Posted 18th December 2011

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Welcome to the second of our Ken R jingle sampler series – my mission to get these things listened to by a wider audience. This one is simply called PAMS Sampler 806; the name may be nondescript, but this is one of my favourites:

PAMS Sampler 806 (69MB ZIP, password: kenr)

All the tracks are brilliant, but here are a few of the best. It kicks off with a montage of Series 14-44 – for background, PAMS released numbered demo packages of jingles throughout its life, which stations would listen to and choose which cuts to be resung for their station. This montage is a great trawl through American radio between 1960 and 1973:

PAMS didn’t just do radio IDs – they also did advertising jingles as well. Here’s some excellent material for Dr. Pepper:

Finally, something slightly different – two station songs. One for KGTV…

…and one for KIIS in 1970:

Beautiful. Such a shame that the station song has all but completely died out – but that’s a whole other discussion…

Jingle compilation by Ken R. Deutsch. PAMS material © PAMS Productions, Inc. of Dallas.

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