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Three posts about UKTV being crap in a row, there

Posted 26th October 2011

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I really don’t want to turn this into a BITCH-O-BLOG. But sometimes it’s tricky, when UKTV are present in the same universe as you.

Have a look this post on Ganymede & Titan – a Red Dwarf fansite I co-run. (One of our more positive reviews: “A website run by a group of friends that don’t just make ‘fan’ a dirty word, they soil it like a pair of decade old underpants.”) To cut a short story shorter, UKTV have been pointing people towards our site thinking we’re Grant Naylor Productions – something that is “fairly obvious” we are not.

So far, so stupid. But here comes the kicker: the other day, we received an email from someone at Amanda Howard Associates, asking for a chat with the casting director for Red Dwarf X. And, erm, giving her mobile number. To a FAN SITE. A FAN SITE which is VERY OBVIOUSLY a FAN SITE. Whilst we don’t have the email trail, it’s fairly obvious she was pointed in our direction by UKTV.

In case you’re still blinking with bemusement, just to reiterate: through a bizarre series of misunderstandings, we have the the commissioning TV channel, pointing a reputable talent agency to us pack of idiots, in the hope of getting their clients a job. And at no point did ANYONE actually stop to, erm… read the site.

I honestly don’t get it. Even untrained interns could tell at a glance that we’re a fansite, not the production company. How the fuck does this sort of thing happen?


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Chris on 26 October 2011 @ 8pm

Haha – daft, but at least your site’s lively enough to look like something official.

Dave on 26 October 2011 @ 9pm

I’d appreciate it if you could just keep acting agents in the dark so that my CV is the only one that gets through…