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Letter Sweep

Posted 1st May 2011

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Oooh, this is a fun idea from Tim Bray – type each first letter of the alphabet into your URL bar, and see what the browser’s guess is for where you want to visit. Let’s see what well-rounded portrait this gives of me, shall we?

[A]pple. Well, I am typing on a Macbook Pro. And spend far too much time lusting over things in the Apple Store. (Incidentally, I’m amused at the current front page, acknowledging the ludicrous delay with the white iPhone 4 – “Finally.”)

[b]itly. Bleugh. A service which is only useful because of Twitter, or for hiding the punchline to jokes which are ruined by the URL. Now, when the hell are Twitter Annotations coming?

LiveJasmin, [c]reatives subdomain [NSFW]. Now, look. I knew porn was going to end up here. I’m not embarrassed about that. What I am embarrassed about is when a fucking pop-up from the porn sites I visit ends up in here.

[D]aring Fireball. My favourite blog.

[E]questria Daily. A My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic fansite – my favourite new telly show since… well, the first series of The IT Crowd. Sadly, Equestria Daily is – deliberately – not about analysis of the show, but all about fanfic (nah), and fanart (some of which is brilliant). Notable for great episode-specific header images.

[f]yre-flye’s deviantART. Coincidentally enough, the deviantART profile of Lauren Faust – showrunner of Friendship Is Magic, and also worked on Powerpuff Girls and the like. Great for little insights into the show. Just wish I could have afforded these…

[G]anymede & Titan. Some Red Dwarf fansite or other which I co-run. Undergoing something of a renaissance recently, with the announcement of Series X, although you really don’t want me to get started on that one…

The [H]istory of WOWO Radio 1190. Some wonderful jingles here. The JAM stuff is always amazing, but check out this Heller package from 1967. Glorious.

The [I]conbar. A RISC OS news site and forum I’m a staff member of, although there has been a – mostly failed – attempt to broaden the subject matter. Always meant to write loads for the site, but never seem to get round to it. (Although I’m still proud of this article, as – along with the comments – it’s a snapshot of something that was never really written about much. People just drifted away from the platform.)

[J]ingleMad.com. A jingle forum – and the only other forum I visit regularly these days. Responsible for really getting me into jingles, and notable for the incredible amount of wonderful audio people post.

[K]otaku. Teh Gamings. Used to visit it a lot – not so much these days. Crappy redesign sparked it, I guess, but I’m keeping up with gaming news less these days full stop. (Whilst – oddly – doing more actual gaming than I have in a while. Currently trying to finish all the GTA3-era games…)

[L]inkedin. Odd this was thrown up; I hardly ever use it. I should do, though.

G[M]ail. Keep meaning to host my own email again. Never get round to doing it.

BBC [N]ews. Pretty much the only news site I visit – apart from specific links posted by other people. I really like the current design, despite the outcry at the time, so FUCK YOU AND EVERYTHING YOU STAND FOR.

The [O]nFM 101.4 Podcast. What the fuck, Safari? Really? I’ve not visited anything other of note beginning with O? Apparently not.

[P]lay.com. Along with Amazon, the main place I buy DVDs from. And feel guilty each time because of their tax avoidance, with their Jersey-based bollocks.

No guesses for [Q], oddly. Debated making a James Bond joke here, but they all would have been shit.

[r]eddwarf.co.uk. The official Red Dwarf site. Updated every Friday, occasionally visit the forums. Don’t seem to be able to drag myself away from Dwarf fandom entirely, despite my best efforts last year.

[S] – not giving the exact URL, because… it’s my hosting login details. Poking around WHM makes me horny.

[T]witter. The only social networking fingy I do – and a major part of my life these days. Never found a desktop client I like, weirdly.

[U]nder Consideration. Mainly for subsite Brand New – the purpose of which is “to chronicle and provide opinions on corporate and brand identity work”. Or slag off a load of new logos, whichever you prefer. This design for Voices Of Youth is my favourite new logo recently.

Google [V]ideos. I’d love to pretend there’s some high-minded purpose to this, but it’s just more porn, I’m afraid.

[w]ww.ganymede.tv. Yeah, Ganymede & Titan again. To be fair, it’s the best thing I’ve ever been involved with online. This interview with the founder of the Dwarf fanclub is VERY INTERESTING, and you should READ IT.

[X]VIDEOS. [NSFW] FREE PORN. You have to really search for the good stuff, though, and there’s sadly some very unpleasant material on there. I should really just pay for some decent material instead of the scrapings of the murky underworld.

[Y]ouTube. Videos I watch which AREN’T PORN. Such as: Best Howard’s Way cliffhanger ever. Or Best My Little Pony fanvid ever. Or… well, this terrifying bit of footage.

[z]eldman.com. Site of Jeffrey Zeldman, web standards guy. Always worth listening to. I love that he’s given his site an ISSN number.

Go on then, you lot have a go. I need to feel better about myself.

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