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Whilst rummaging through some old boxes yesterday, I had a choice. I could either scan part of an “erotic” “story” I wrote with a friend at primary school about a classmate, or an old leaflet from one of the Battersea Arts Centre productions of Jerry Springer: The Opera.

Luckily for you, I chose the latter. This is from the February 2002 run, when the production was still quite different from its final form:

Altogether more wholesome than filth about 11-year-old girls.

■ Posted 3rd October 2010 @ 6pm in Comedy, Live. 2 Comments.


Nick on 4 October 2010 @ 1pm

Thanks for this. It’s very timely as I’m reading How I Escaped My Certain Fate at the moment. Obviously I demand the erotica too.

John Hoare on 5 October 2010 @ 2pm

That erotica also included an appearance from an old teacher. In a supervisory role, rather than a participant.

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