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My box rummaging adventure continues; as I posted to Twitter the other day, here’s an article from the May 1990 Issue of Acorn User going behind the scenes of the computer setup of Strike It Lucky:

Acorn User Strike It Lucky article

A couple of things. My twitpal (note: do not use word again) Brig Bother makes the point the article is flat out lying that the format was a huge success in the US; it did far better in the UK. (To be honest, the piece is full of interesting stuff, but is written in slightly generic journalist-speak. “The zany Mr. Barrymore” indeed.)

Andy Taylor, meanwhile (I feel like I’m on an especially geeky Points of View here) wondered if the original software was still around, so you could recreate the show. That’d be an amusing exhibit for the Centre for Computing History to have. Anyone up for breaking into Teddington Studios in the middle of the night and poking around in some dusty corners?

It is a real shame that custom software like this just disappears into the ether.

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