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Posted 12th August 2010

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Whenever people talk of the old BBC Radio 5 – the one with actual children’s shows on, rather than just sounding like it – the one thing that’s often missed out on is: “How was it sold to the kids?”

In answer, here’s a scan from excellent BBC kids magazine Fast Forward, August 29 – September 4 1990 – sadly, I have lost the aforementioned doorhanger promised on the cover:

Radio 5 Fast Forward article

I have quite a few old Fast Forward issues here; if anyone wants to see more of Andi “Ask Me Blooming Anything At All” Peters, or Phillip Hodson’s fucking harrowing column, just ask…

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Chloe on 1 September 2010 @ 8am

Issues of Fast Forward? Please – scan away!

Chris on 3 September 2010 @ 12am

Haha – I love it, I love looking at old magazines. It was so simple back then: 0pt borders on pictures and don’t forget to rotate them a bit to make then THRILLING. Thanks for sharing, John.

John Hoare on 3 September 2010 @ 5pm

No worries! Will scan in some more when I get the chance…

Andrew Bowden on 9 October 2010 @ 4pm

Oh my word – I had that door hanger! It said something like “Go away, I’m busy listening to Radio 5!” on one side.

I binned it along time ago along with my Radio 1 branded 1 shaped FM/AM logo :(

John Hoare on 10 October 2010 @ 10pm

That rings a bell! I’m sure I put it to use, as well. Even though I didn’t actually listen to Radio 5…