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Posted 8th August 2010

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Rummaging through some old boxes yesterday, what did I find? A couple of letters from Central Television, and proof that the Central cake looked just as good on paper as it did on-screen:

Letter from Central in 92
Letter from Central in 93

The letters themselves are from my two FAILED performance auditions for the Central Junior Television Workshop – latterly The Television Workshop – in 1992 and 1993; for maximum confusion, the 92 one is my rejection, wheras the 93 one is for my second application. Sadly, I can’t remember much about the sessions beyond sitting with a group desperately coming up with what we thought were hilarious sketches, and that I wanted to win a place really fucking badly. Oh, and that one of the guys from Palace Hill was there to help us and act in our sketches as a halfway house between us and the instructor. As I recall, in one of the sessions we entirely copied the clingfilm-across-the-toilet gag from Grange Hill. I hope that was my idea.

If you have any old letters from telly companies, why not scan them in and place them on the internet? I can think of nothing better you should be doing with your time.

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Andy on 10 August 2010 @ 12am

I wonder if I can find my old tickets for when I went to see MTV Most Wanted back in the mid 90s. Loved that program. There is a VHS tape here somewhere where you can see me in the audience.

Those were the days when MTV was good….

John Hoare on 10 August 2010 @ 5pm

It’d be nice to build up some kind of gallery of audience tickets from TV shows. I scanned in my TMWRNJ tickets the other day: